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Companies across the globe are continuously on the lookout for efficient and effective recruitment solutions that can give them the edge over their competitors in the market.. PureTalent1 is one such recruitment consultant in the market.
Amongst several services that jointly make up for the complete recruitment solution, is the Database Search'. Following are the tasks done by PurTalent1 professionals for the clients in the Database Search section.

Understand the job role & requirements of the vacant positions through discussion with HR representative or the hiring managers.
Search, Screening and Short listing of CVs based on job specification, from database based on qualification, relevance of experience, mobility status for field office positions or any other criteria defined as per position.
Interview by PureTalent1 Consultants: The shortlisted candidates will go through a detailed telephonic interview, where we will do an in-depth evaluation of their communication skills, determine a profile match with the requirement and screen all the other qualifiers required for the role. We will also apprise the candidates of the opportunity and their interest in the position will be obtained.
Interview Scheduling with Client: For the short listed candidates, we will prepare a final list to be lined up for interviews as per the available schedules with the client. We will also coordinate the interview process as per the parameters set in consultation with client.
Followup till joining: Selected candidates would be followed up till joining to ensure better placement.

The important thing here is to hire the best recruitment consultant that can provide you the best recruitment solutions and help your company grow many folds face various market force challenges coming up here and there. Having an efficient Database Search team is one important aspect of the same.

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